Can Ted Cruz Save America?

Ted Cruz is good for America. The nation is longing for a confident, assertive leader. One who exerts leadership, integrity and courage. An individual who not only preaches principle, but who acts on it as well. We saw those characteristics in Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) yesterday and into today when he spoke on the Senate floor for over 21 hours on why Obamacare is terrible for America and his plea to defund it.

It takes a admirable individual to not only stand for 21 hours, but to articulately speak on a single issue for that long. That requires significant resolve and passion on the subject. We saw honest courage as Cruz stood up to not only Democrats, but to long-term, establishment Republicans who would rather look the other way than do what is right for America and the people they represent.

Republicans like Senator John McCain and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke out against Cruz’s utilization of a ‘filibuster’ without explanation. Their opposition to Cruz standing up and fighting for an issue that the majority of Americans oppose was their way of telling Cruz to stand down and ‘stay in his lane.’ That’s petty behavior for team members on the same side whom all oppose Obamacare. And they did so without providing a logical strategy of their own.  And the truth is, Cruz has gotten such opposition from establishment Republicans because he threatens them. He has put pressure on them to start doing their job, to stand up for those who elected them into office and stop cowering.

The American people are sick and tired of being lied to by career politicians. We are sick of the infighting amongst those in the Republican Party. For the past five years, we’ve have been told one thing while another thing actually happens. The gross dysfunction and gridlock in Washington is out of control and we need leaders who are willing to stand up and take risk to actually accomplish what they ran for office for in the first place. And we saw that in the few Senators who supported and helped Senator Cruz, including Rand Paul (R-KY), Jim Inhofe (R-OK), Mike Lee (R-UT), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Marco Rubio (R-FL) and others.

And to those Americans who would rather criticize and continue to just say you can’t stand politics and politicians, wake up and stop being part of the problem. Start paying attention. This is your country. Be proactive. Stand behind those who actually want to make a difference in preserving this country. Don’t support those who only want to preserve their seat in Congress. A new, younger generation of leadership has emerged within the Republican Party with Ted Cruz at the forefront.

Senator Cruz did more than give a speech for 21 hours. He showed America that he cares about its future. He showed Americans that he is listening and is willing to fight for them. He brought light to the fact that the Affordable Care Act is killing American jobs. Real people are suffering. Real people are losing jobs or are being reduced to part time. Losing work, higher premiums, and higher taxes are the realities of Obamacare.

Well done, Senator Cruz. Thank you for believing in America, listening to the people and for defending the principles that make our nation exceptional. I for one will not forget your courage as you stood up to the establishment to defend the American people. America needs more leaders like you. Keep up the good fight.

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2 thoughts on “Can Ted Cruz Save America?

  1. I am ashamed that my 2 Republican senators from my state of Tennessee did not support Senator Cruz and his very moving and patriotic stance in bringing to light the catastrophe called “ObamaCare” represents to our nation. These career politicians do not have America’s interests not their constituents interests at heart and should be voted out during the next election cycle. I am sick and tired of their pandering to an inept president that never should have been elected to lead this country. The days of America’s greatness are behind her now and to continue down this slippery path that we are currently on will be the closing chapter of a Republic that once stood for honor, integrity, and justice.

    I have faith that patriotic Americans can revive Lady Liberty and can turn the course of events that we currently are experiencing if they only can band together in one voice and proclaim, “We will not surrender our country and we will not go down without a fight!” Until this is accomplished then the phrase “God Bless America” will be a meaningless metaphor of glory days long since past.

    • Here in California, San Francisco and Los Angeles run the state with their liberal votes. Take a listen to singer songwriter, Casey Beathard, with his song, ‘There is more of us’.

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