The Absent President: Obama’s Legacy

“This is the most transparent administration in history” ~ President Barack Obama

For a president who is so vastly driven by appearance and perception that he never bothered to leave the campaign trail even after he won his second term, it’s a shame Obama’s legacy will be drastically different from how he imagined it five short years ago. History will remember Obama as a President who paralleled the Carter Administration for weak leadership and socialist policies. But in a recent turn of events, as we’ve learned over the past week, Obama may be more closely tied to Nixon’s legacy, one that was plagued with scandals.

The Obama Administration lasted four long years by relentlessly flirting with the American public, who seemed infatuated with his charm.  Few seemed concerned with his socialist agenda, fiscal irresponsibility, or lack of leadership. Most were too enthralled with the lavish parties, his charismatic presentation at the teleprompter, and how down to earth he appeared as he would make personal phone calls to average citizens who wanted free birth control. People chose to see those actions as leadership rather than the façade it was.

But now, after a rocky start to his second term, the Obama honeymoon seems to be coming to an end. Scandal after scandal and lie after lie is being revealed. Three revelations of illegal activity, lying, and bias came out of the White House within the past week:  Benghazi cover-up, the IRS selectively targeting conservative groups, and most recently, the Department of Justice illegally spying on the Associated Press.

The Obama Administration’s attitude towards these events is subdued at best, proceeding as if these exposures are an immense waste of time and being blown out of proportion by crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists. But more importantly, there’s a reoccurring theme associated with these scandals: The President of the United States claims no responsibility for the government he is responsible for.  The go-to answer they have used repetitively is that there will be full investigations and those responsible will be held accountable. Really? We’ve all heard that one before.

The truth is, the President has horribly mismanaged the government he was elected to lead and does not know what to do about it. He created an environment inside of the government that does not support integrity, the Constitution, or transparency. Now that the mainstream media is paying attention and the American people are demanding answers, the Obama Administration is retreating with best hopes that their distractions, passing the blame, and refusal of acknowledgement will allow them enough time for this to blow over in the media. Even his crisis management team seems to be clueless as to how best recover from this.

While it most certainly came as a shock to this Administration, the days of turning a blind eye to the truth, taking shortcuts, and picking and choosing which laws to abide by are over.  Only time will tell the outcome of these scandals, but one thing is certain, Obama’s legacy will not be that his Administration is the most transparent administration in history.

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One thought on “The Absent President: Obama’s Legacy

  1. Amber, America needs people like you and other stout conservatives to keep up the good job of exposing these politicians as the lying, unpatriotic, self-serving, individuals that they are. My only fear is that over half of America has turned a blind eye to the antics of these elected politicians they have voted into office and will never take a stand of attempting to right the wrongs they and their ilk have laid upon the rest of us. We, who believe in this nation’s heritage of duty, honor, and country; We, who believe in an honest days work for our labors; We, who respect others that shed blood in battle and answered the call to serve this country in order for the generations after them to live in a land free from tyranny and oppression; We, that refuse to submit to political correctness and are willing to stand alone and announce that the “emperor is not wearing clothes”. We, who are red blooded Americans with determination that was forged by our ancestors that refused to bow to imperialism, socialism, communism, or fascism. And we, that refuse to believe that this country’s best years are behind her, not now, not ever!

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